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Quest Connection

Macro-economy simulation game
- Trial Mission -
You expand national economic activities by producing, processing, manufacturing and distributing agricultural products and minerals resources, furthermore, aiming the growth of the nation in the future.

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Thank you for access to the "Quest Connection - Trial mission". The main how to operation this game wrote in "How to", please read before playing. After you reading those, if you do not understand how to operate completely still, nor you can not deal with failure is happening, please let us know by contact form only. *If you are debugger, please contact the person in direct to us.

Game summary

This game is simulate the nations, growing up the national economic activity by agricultural products and minerals resources produced, manufacturing and circulating, furthermore in the future, in order to aim at further development of the national. Online battle mode version is scheduled to provide on facebook.

Recommended browser

In Trial missions, so that the operation of the PC at least for Firefox 18.0 it is comfortable. We have to specialize the implementation. Firefox from the following banner if it is good we then downloaded and installed, we would encourage you to face the trial version of the play mission.
Firefox download

Tested environment

Windows OS

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz 2.93GHz
Memory implementation: 8.00GB
64-bit operating system


Mac OS

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4
Processor: 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory implementation: 2GB

APPLE MacBook Air 1.8GHz Core i5/13.3/4GB/128GB MD231J/AAPPLE MacBook Air 1.8GHz Core i5/13.3/4GB/128GB MD231J/A

アップル 2012-06-13
売り上げランキング : 1070

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Operation Summary

When the command is executed, the citizens begins to economic activity and economic growth. Try to run a command to make the economic activities that the citizens good. The command can be executed from the command tag at the top of the screen.

[grow], [mine], [produce] Command of the production system.
When you click the "Factory", "Mine", "Farm", is produced items you have assigned. *Note: If you do not run the command production system, so they do not start a business economic activity.
[distribute] Command to distribute the product.
When you continue to click the place of productionand "Store" connected , lead as the root of the store customers. *Note: If you do not run the command distribution, so stores do not start the economy.
[consume], [recruit], [contact] Command of the citizens system. When you continue to click citizens and "shop" connected, citizens begin consuming activities. When you that, citizens and companies connected, citizens get to work. When you that, two citizens connected, social nature of the people and the nation up.
[develop] When you click on the place of production, such as a "Factory", "Mine", "Farm", you can assign a product of the company.
[save] Saveing the state of the game in the middle of the browser local storage. *Caution: In "Trial Mission", in order to save data stored in the browser, you will not be able to load and change the browser or PC. Note also save data will be deleted when you delete the browser cache.
[new game] Deleting the save data, and start the game from the initial state.
person and building When you click on the people on the move, you can see the various parameters of its people, the status of each job. Then double-click on the building, you can see the company's stock, production lines running.

Flow early in the game

The basic economy will continue to grow by continuing to repeat "production and consumption" goods. Liver of national economic activity is citizens. Among small population, you will prepare the economy, such as children first filled with confidence. Population began to increase, you will make citizens to participate in the country's economic activity and employment in the company, also consumption will be Good-way. You might want to let people exchange with each other. If you will make citizen just leave it alone, you will get to the good-for-nothing. Economy began to stagnate state demand is not met when followed. Prepare the country's economic activity so that the nation can be performed smoothly trick is this game.

Tips for operation

You can click directly on the building chip on the map. You can also order by clicking on the chip and how to execute the command. Please run the command in the command who tag, click, easy to operate directly.

Tips for growing

On the right side of the screen, there is a bar chart that represents the amount of supply and demand, please check the state of the economic growth. Know the problems of the economic activity and reach sometimes read, the micro-economic news and reports. On the bottom of the screen, a state of national economic activity, the flowing sentences. In these, the atmosphere of economic activity will grasp. So also leave messages hint of economic activity, you will want to look at when you have time.

Tips for Mission

The mission, there are policy issues that need to be cleared in a phased manner and the number of goals to be achieved. Policy issues in order to clear, you'll try to approach the ultimate large condition goals. If you are a clear all policies, you clear the misson. Situation is clear of policy issues can be found in the mission window.

Shortcut in the Start Dash

The mission objective to be achieved is determined. Rather than being distributed across multiple industries, place of employment of the people, that the goal of the industry to focus on specific policies being promoted is the shortcut to clear for it. The management of the place of employment of the people, please take advantage of click person, so you can delete the job.

Economic growth has stagnated?

When it stagnated also increase or decrease of GDP, there is no economic report said especially, and economic growth has stagnated. The activities of the citizens, the demand supply is affected by the activities of the company respectively. Remove as much as possible so that the elements that inhibit the ability to supply elements that inhibit population growth, industrial, try to run a new command. You might want to review and make place of employment, the organization of root purchase / production also excessive.

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Commands not implemented

"Education" "Grant" "Import", "Export", in Trial Mission is not implemented yet. "Import", "Export" is going to be the command to run the simulation of global economic trade between nations as online battle mode. "Education" "Grant" is going to be the command to run the simulation of medium-to long-term movement of the national economy.

Released in the future

Introduction of economic indicators (for each company, each industry, enterprise-wide, macro perspective of the national economy) are planned, the allocation of public housing, removing workers from the company side, the implementation of additional items such as synthetic.

Support for mobile

We have no tested on a smartphone. Because it does not correspond to the "SVG" major browser on your smartphone at this stage, it can not play simply. We think that the implementation of individual or smartphonef for playing with your smartphone, and it is necessary to arrange the layout of the screen. However, We have to put aside now so your hands do not turn up there.

*Implementation schedule varies according to the development situation. Please be forewarned.

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Known Issues for each browser

[Internet Explorer]

-Design looks different from other browsers.


-If the building is in stock, but you can not click on a chip building.
-If you need to select two or more buildings for the execution of the command, you can not click the second building. "Contact", "Recruit", "Consume", "Distribute" and therefore you can not run.
-Arrows, guide of the command execution is displayed once, then tip the building can not be clicked.
- You may not be able to boot.


-Chip building I can not click. Therefore, all commands can not be executed.
-Web fonts are not correctly reflected.
-Graphs are not displayed correctly.
-It may not be able to start up properly.

* Development Note:
Has repeatedly upgraded every day, and therefore, each browser may change the compatibility of the game and to upgrade the browser, and then interfere with play. There was also so far.

実践 Web Standards Design ~Web標準の基本とCSSレイアウト&Tips~実践 Web Standards Design ~Web標準の基本とCSSレイアウト&Tips~
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技術評論社 2008-11-29
売り上げランキング : 15104

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Support Wanted

We are looking for people who (mostly financially) Please support the management of the "Quest connection -Trial Mission". We do not ask individuals and corporations. Please feel free to voice only. Link to Contact

Reference books

In developing the "Quest Connection -Trial mission", we will introduce to pick up a few books for reference.

Books used for reference in the development of the logic of economic activity

Books used for reference in the development map


Feb.4 "Cause hyperinflation!" new mission came to play.


Inflation proceeds at a fast and furious. Hyperinflation and a price increase of more than 50% a month (13000% per annum) is defined by Kagan.
The definition of "hyperinflation" is the inflation rate (consumer prices more than 130 times in one year) there is a 50% month = 13,000% more than a year. In monetary easing with the goal of 2% inflation, or hyperinflation would happen really?

So, let's actually doing!

Library use:
This game is developed using the following libraries:

Prototype JavaScript framework, version 1.7

(c) 2005-2010 Sam Stephenson
Prototype is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.
For details, see the Prototype web site:

Sizzle CSS Selector Engine - v1.0

Copyright 2009, The Dojo Foundation
Released under the MIT, BSD, and GPL Licenses.
More information:

Raphael 2.0.1 - JavaScript Vector Library

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Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Sencha Labs (
Licensed under the MIT ( license.

Eve 0.4.0 - JavaScript Events Library

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Licensed under the MIT ( license.

Raphael - JavaScript Vector Library

SVG Module
Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Dmitry Baranovskiy (
Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Sencha Labs (
Licensed under the MIT ( license.

Raphael - JavaScript Vector Library

VML Module
Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Dmitry Baranovskiy (
Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Sencha Labs (
Licensed under the MIT ( license.